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  1. Nutrients & Soil Fertility
    Hey guys, This is my first time doing a soil test and wanted to see what some of the experts have to say about the results. Would the recommended 10-10-10 be sufficient or is there another fertilizer that would work better? Any feedback would be appreciated!
  2. Nutrients & Soil Fertility
    I need help understanding why my soil is primarily sand/silt but yet I am having issues with water not being absorbed quickly into the soil. Drainage is poor and water tends to pool. My guess is that there is more silt in my top layer of soil, but it's probably a bad guess. In the summer it's...
  3. Nutrients & Soil Fertility
    Received my soil test from earthworks to get ready for the season. I live in NW Indiana grass type is GCI Turf type tall fescue grass. I mostly use Milorganite as for my fertilizer but decided to do a soil test this season and noticed the lawn is Low on P and high on M . Earthway suggest they’re...
  4. Cool Season Lawn Journals
    Hello! Last October (completed October 12th), we did a full lawn reno - burn, level, grade, and cool-season sod in Northern KY (just south of Cincinnati). There are still some parts of the lawn that haven't really grown much at all (toward the center), but all around the...
  5. Nutrients & Soil Fertility
    I pulled another soil sample this year to check P and K. I have about 25lbs of triple super phosphorous left from last season. Should I put it down or skip it? Also should I do another round of SOP in spring?
1-5 of 5 Results