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  1. Cool Season Lawns
    Well over the summer I caught myself browsing the forum and after a few YouTube vids I up and decided I was going to attempt a renovation. For a total average lawn noob I think it turned out pretty good. Thanks for all the great information on this site. My original lawn was a mixture of tall...
  2. Cool Season Lawns
    First question: I'm in southwest Idaho, zone 7a, and had planned on doing my bare seeding in early September from areas that were decimated this summer. Folks at a local lawncare store told me to wait a few weeks since we were still forecasted to hit 100. Seed is Super Turf I LS Tall Fescue...
  3. Cool Season Lawn Journals
    What's up guys. Been a lurker here for a while now, figured I would finally post something. I live near Omaha Nebraska. I had been thinking about killing off my primarily TTTF front lawn and going KBG for a few years now. I experimented on a smaller section of my front yard on one side of the...
1-3 of 3 Results