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  1. Cool Season Lawns
    I have a pretty decent lawn, but somewhat low in a few spots. On Monday I had a landscaper come out, cut up and level a few areas with new dirt, then slice seed and hand spread new seed on the entire lawn. Used a 90/10 mix of Barenbrug rhizomatous tall fescue and Barenbrug HGT bluegrass. They...
  2. Cool Season Lawns
    I overseeded 3 days ago with RPR PRG (Scott’s Triple Starter for Seeding, peat moss, watering 3x a day for short periods, etc.) and tonight I noticed a shiny quarter sized object in my grass. Upon closer viewing, it appeared to be a tiny spider web holding water droplets (hence the shine). I...
  3. Cool Season Lawns
    Is baby shampoo detrimental to your lawn or can you actually use it like certain videos suggest? Putting baby shampoo in a hose end sprayer and spraying the lawn seems like a fun and crazy thing to do. It certainly would be cheaper and easier than renting a core aerator! I know it won't work...
1-3 of 3 Results