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  1. Cool Season Lawns
    My neighbors all have weeds for lawns. I decided to go against the grain and planted a custom mix of KBG and fine fescue. I live in SE Tennessee so I am right at the bottom of the transition zone. normally my area does get decent rain, and moderate temps. This year of course was hard with hotter...
  2. Cool Season Lawns
    I did a complete lawn reno and went with a Mazama monostand. Seed went down on Aug. 22 and started germinating 5 days later. I’m now about 60 days past germination and overall I’m happy with the results so far. I’m noticing some powdery mildew and rust throughout. I did apply DiseaseX and...
  3. Cool Season Lawns
    Hi All So I overseeded 2 weeks ago with KBG and just now starting to see growth approximately around 0.5in in certain areas and some areas still bare. However I have small fallen branches (v1-2ft in length) on the yard. What will cause more damage on the new grass, me stepping on it to remove...
  4. Cool Season Lawns
    My landscaper installed subsurface drip irrigation and new sod (90/10 Tall Fescue: Penn RK4 Tall Fescue, Rebel XLR Tall Fescue, Firecracker SLS Tall Fescue, Ridgeline Kentucky Bluegrass) in a 1,000 sq. ft. lawn back in April. They advised me to switch from overhead watering to the subsurface...
  5. Cool Season Lawn Journals
    What's up guys. Been a lurker here for a while now, figured I would finally post something. I live near Omaha Nebraska. I had been thinking about killing off my primarily TTTF front lawn and going KBG for a few years now. I experimented on a smaller section of my front yard on one side of the...
1-5 of 5 Results