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  1. Warm Season Lawns
    Location: South Alabama Hello! I am currently at war with this wire grass. It is invading my beach area that we use during the summer. What steps need to be taken to completely eliminate this grass without using harmful chemicals that would polute the lake? I don’t have an updated picture but...
  2. Cool Season Lawns
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Hoping you all can help me out, as my local landscape supply place was DUMBFOUNDED about what this is. Quick rundown: New England/Cape Cod area New lawn Sand base with 5” loom foundation Hydroseeded 5/2022 Came in BEAUTIFULLY Crazy drought this summer was a struggle...
  3. Landscaping
    I had some garden bed cut out along the front of the house down the side to the back fence and on the left side up the chain link (which is the neighbors) up to my back fence. I want to plant Tree shrub tree shrub up along the left side. I was looking at either a spruce or an Arborvitae...
1-3 of 3 Results