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  1. Warm Season Lawns
    Is it too late in season to relocate some Bermuda? Zone 7b North Alabama. Not sure which type of Bermuda, assume hybrid. We're getting arborvitae installed soon. Have a few bare spots from tree removal, etc that I would like to fill with grass, and did not fill in completely this season.
  2. Warm Season Lawns
    Since the summer, my backyard Bermuda has been struggling. Summer was brutal because of the lack of rain. I tried to irrigate at least once a week, but when I went away for 10 days, a large portion of the backyard turned brown. I expected the Bermuda to return once I resumed irrigation. However...
  3. Warm Season Lawns
    Location: South Alabama Hello! I am currently at war with this wire grass. It is invading my beach area that we use during the summer. What steps need to be taken to completely eliminate this grass without using harmful chemicals that would polute the lake? I don’t have an updated picture but...
  4. Warm Season Lawns
    Hello! I am a brand new member here but have been following along for a while now. My house is about 4 weeks out from being done and our sod started going in yesterday.. I have never dealt with sod laid this late in the year. Any recommendations for me? I plan on watering 2x per day for the...
1-4 of 4 Results